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Welcome to Cranmore "Your Windows and Doors Specialist".
Cranmore offers a variety of quality products such as MYLCH DOUGLAS and NO FRILLS uPVC Windows and Doors, ECRAN Accordion and Roll-up Screen, ECEIL and OPTIMA PVC Ceiling Eaves, ALUMITEK Imported Aluminum Brand, STARKE GRIFFE Windows and Doors Handles, and ARPA quality korean window coverings.

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General Information
UPVC Windows and Doors are made from a blend of PolyVinyl Chloride resin (PVC) and a select blend of additives. This mixture, commonly referred to as "compound", is critical to achieving the desired processing of the windows and doors profile during extrusion, fabrication and imparting long term weather.
Our uPVC Windows and Doors give your house its distinctive look, from outside, they give the house its personal character, and from outside and inside, they give you the light you need and the aesthetic appearance you want for your house.
These products have been designated as "Environmentally Friendly" and are recognized worldwide. It passed the inspection for new scientific and technical concerns and is considered to have reached the International Standards.
High Anti-UV PVC-U Co Extrusion
Technology w/ more TiO2
Comparison Chart
Full Name                 Polyvinyl Chloride                    Unplasticized Chloride
Uses                           Pipes, Cable Insulation            Window Frames, Plumbing and Draining
                                   Clothes, Toys
Contains                    Yes                                              No

Contains BPA            Yes                                             No

Properties                  Flexible but durable;               Rigid and Durable; Does not flex;
                                    low cost                                      safe for transporting drinking
                                                                                        water, fire resistant, recyclable