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Cranmore offers a variety of quality products such as MYLCH DOUGLAS and NO FRILLS uPVC Windows and Doors, ECRAN Accordion and Roll-up Screen, ECEIL and OPTIMA PVC Ceiling Eaves, ALUMITEK Imported Aluminum Brand, STARKE GRIFFE Windows and Doors Handles, and ARPA quality korean window coverings.

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All profiles are manufactured & extruded using German Technology formulation with high impact uPVC (Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride) under a quality management system conforming to ISO 9002. Only virgin uPVC material and additives required to enhance the performance of the product with regard to UV resistance, durability, surface finish & colour are used for production.
Steel reinforcement is fitted strictly in accordance with the system supplier's specification into the sealed reinforecement chamber to provide additional strenght to combat high wind loadings and excessive window span requirements.
All hardware & fittings are imported and are designed specifically to function with the profile system. Being fabricated from mateials resistant to atmospheric corrosion and strong in design to components are able to retain optimum perforamnce over prolonged period of time.
An airtight seal is provided by the compression of two(2) continuous high performance EPDM weather seals to the perimeter of the opening panels and to each side of the glass sealing against the ingress of water, air, nose, and dust penetration. High quality brush seals are used to seal sliding window and door panels and also to assist the gliding action of the sashes. Double glazing feature is design to attain maximum sound proofing capability.
An automatic internal self draining system incorporated during the fabrication process ensures that any water penetrating the seals during extreme weather is expelled to the outside of the property.
Windows and doors are fabricated to german quality standards, using the most up-to-date equipment, techniques, & procedures. All corner joints are being accurately trimmed. The factory management operates a comprehensive step by step quality evaluation procedure to ensure the highest quality standards are maintained.