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Welcome to Cranmore "Your Windows and Doors Specialist".
Cranmore offers a variety of quality products such as MYLCH DOUGLAS and NO FRILLS uPVC Windows and Doors, ECRAN Accordion and Roll-up Screen, ECEIL and OPTIMA PVC Ceiling Eaves, ALUMITEK Imported Aluminum Brand, STARKE GRIFFE Windows and Doors Handles, and ARPA quality korean window coverings.

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Excellent  weather resistance
MYLCH DOUGLAS uPVC with stands various kinds of weather conditions and UV Rays. It does not require any special maintenance.
Excellent  heat insulation
With a heat insulation at least 2.2 times better than aluminum windows, MYLCH DOUGLAS uPVC windows let you save a lot of energy, and keep your home cool and comfortable.
Excellent sound proofing
Multiple chambers inside the MYLCH DOUGLAS uPVC profile structure  for a sound reduction between 33  and 43 dB.
Corrosion Resistance
MYLCH DOUGLAS uPVC can withstand the aggresive city environment and the humidity of a beach residence.
Excellent fire profing
MYLCH DOUGLAS uPVC systems are fully extinguishing.
Attractive Appearance
With a smooth surface and properly welded corners, MYLCH DOUGLAS uPVC windows show a modern windows design.
Environmentally friendly and recyclable
for office partition
for buildings
for residential
for beaches/ seasides
for cities